Blade and soul extra character slots

blade and soul extra character slots

1 account can create 6 character, didn't see any expand item in cash shop 5 - 6 character slots seem OK to me at least. . Btw if you were able to creat 14 chars on one account having VIP premium membership is only. you have to log in and get it from the HM shop and it has a 0 cost and 1 purchase limit, *Stopping the pitchforks before it happens*. Event Ended and is no longer obtainable*** How to get a free additional character slot & how to redeem it in.


How To Get Free Character Slot - Blade and Soul (event ended) I doubt it's limitless. You can use them on any character on the account, not just one. You will not post images containing additional data such as embedded sounds or documents. They don't know much about the game nor do they know how precious those two character slots are. Got dick stuck in computer fan. Destroyer, Force Master and Kung Fu Master Lyn: Off-Topic Discussion Forum rules 3, coole spiele super, 8 and 9 will be loosely enforced on the Off-Topic Discussion board.

Blade and soul extra character slots - Kleider Kostenlos

Go To Topic Listing Recent Updates. Likes Received 71 Posts How to buy a Character slot. All Activity Home English General Discussion Another character slot? Memes, macros and other unrelated content should be hidden with spoiler tags. I'm probably being too hopeful by thinking there's a chance you don't need to buy to unlock the slots. I fear the same for many more who run into this wall and don't want to invest in a game with such a petty character policy.


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